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Time Travel in a Timeless Mind

Ivan Figueroa
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In this brief essay, I will attempt to weave how the spontaneous self-generation of consciousness, memory, and time could have occurred in our minds. I will use the contrasting duality found within the archetypal symbol of the Tai Chi as the cyclic origin of time and consciousness.

Where the remembrance of the way we were and the desire to return to that state, ascertains our memory and tri-dimensional time. You will also understand that since dimensions are realms of consciousness divided by illusional frontiers of vibrational awareness similar to our different stages of dreaming. The speed at which our minds vibrate (travels) will locate us in differing dimensional states where dreaming is a descending discovery journey, and awakening is a remembering returning voyage.

Finally, a brief description of how to use our mind to find the keys of the inter-dimensional wormholes for unlimited time travel is illustrated.


  1. The Big Bang — this is the most accepted explanation by the scientific community to explain the origin of our universe. It postulates that the cosmos originated from the point of densification or singularity, where nothing existed, but from where everything would arise. In this book is the great explosion of love stemming from the Great Dream of the transcendental mind upon awakening, to share all the discovered wisdom of the previous creative cycle of the universe.
  2. Attachment — the emotional need or habit to repeat dream-like experiences that are enjoyable, be them physical or mental. In its most immature form, this may be the worst addiction that human beings can experience and is the primary source of our suffering. This may be an appropriate sensation in some cases and inappropriate in others. This can promote that the dreamer does not want to wake up from their dreams and face reality.
  3. Primordial Mind (magic mirror)- the origin of the two minds, the Transcendental or absolute (antimaterial) and the Relative Mind (material). That are manifestations of duality consciousness, respectively, of the lucid dreamer (son of God) and the confused dreamer (son of man). It represents the potential state of the entire creative potential of the universe that existed before the Big Bang. It is the vehicle or time machine that allows you to complete your exploratory journey.
  4. Transcendental Mind- it is the highest state that the human being can obtain in the Dream of Life after he learns to remember that all dimensional temporal experiences are always virtual, and originated by the conscious or unconscious creative effort of those who share their path.
  5. Relative Mind- it is the state of confusion in which the self is entangled by the emotional experiences he perceives during his journeys within his dimensional stops, which leads him to confuse the virtual reality of his dreams with the apparent current reality.
  6. Great Lucid Dreamer- the one who has traveled all the descending and ascending dimensional journeys in his dreams and has remembered (learned) after awakening, that they are all virtual and relative. With the lucid wisdom obtained in his trips, he has transformed his mind into a time machine, and then can freely navigate unhindered all dimensional planes and finally can support others in their awakening experiences.
  7. Exclusive Intention- the action guided by selfishness, where all causes and effects are upsetting the parts that make up the universe. This action generates suffering (or corrective learning experience) both in the subject and object of consciousness and is caused by the attachment to the virtual reality created tri-dimensional time.
  8. Inclusive Intention- the action guided by love, where consciousness recognizes that all causes and effects (results) affect all parts equally, as Jesus’ phrase implied, “What you do to one of mine, you do to me.” This action generates happiness in both the object and the subject.
  9. Dimension- state of virtual consciousness, which we perceive with our five senses being within space (3 dimensions of width, length, and depth or height), plus the perception of time. Science has shown that there are many more dimensional states that our consciousness with the five senses cannot perceive, these may be part of the anti-material part of our universe that science does not yet know very well.
  10. Time- it is a very subjective definition of the observer’s experience when interpreting a series of events with its five senses and, based on the brain capacity of memory, which divides them into imaginary (virtual) segments of the present, past, and future. To forecast the weather, we use references to observable changes in the seasons (climates) and the cycles of the day and night. Based on these changes, man has divided time into sections of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries, etc. (now you may understand why it is so difficult to get to appointments on time!!!).
  11. Singularity (primordial nature)- is a temporary space, which, from a physical point of view, can be defined as an area of space-time where you cannot determine any physical magnitude related to gravitational fields utilizing objective measures. (apparently timeless)

The Beginning-less Beginning of The Consciousness of Being. “I am, Then I think.” The Thinker or Self is Born of Existing Awareness.

In the beginning-less beginning, there was only the potential of existing.

The most accepted scientific theory of the origin of the Universe presently is, that everything now existing appeared instantly after a massive explosion (Big Bang) from a timeless point of singularity (see glossary). In which everything that could exist had been in a dormant state, waiting to discover itself when the consciousness of an observer could awaken it, in the image of its mind-mirror. This potential state lies hidden within the emptiness of the point of singularity, as an artwork potentially exists in the palette of colors, the canvas and the brush of the painter until his mind discovers it. To be able to grasp the importance of the awaking of the consciousness of the self, we must review Descartes’s views.

I Discarded Descartes

Descartes postulated that thinking and its offspring, thoughts, gave origin to the conscious mind by proposing his famous phrase, “I think; therefore, I am.” With which I disagree by coining a new expression, “I am; therefore, I think,” because, in my understanding, you must first have to be conscious of Being before you can think. That implies that without a mind, you can’t ponder. This will then facilitate the mental quality of remembering and having the memory of existing.

Therefore, to know who we are, we must first be, then think, and finally recollect the cycle of previous experiences in our timeline of thoughts.

In previous books, I compared our minds to reflecting mirrors of all that stood before them, which, as we redirect the surface of the mind-mirror, it will show us new aspects (reflections) of our experience of existing.

The Reflection of the Opposite in the Image of my Mirror-Mind originates the Consciousness of Self.

After the Big Bang, Duality Arises after its Separation into All Possible Contrasting manifestations from what Existed Inherently within the Emptiness of the Point of Singularity.

After the great explosion of Love (Big Bang), which I refer to in my third book, “Spirituality 103, The Forgiveness Code.” I affirmed that everything was plausibly hidden in the images in the magical mirror-mind of the creator and that, in our limited individual perspectives, we could discover them according to our capabilities. This realization will happen as we awaken from our dreams and recall the memory of our chronological experience of time. After remembering our timeline of existence, we can then begin to recognize the contrasting dualities of conscious life and learn to see in the mirror image of my contrary what was mine and no longer is.

These infinite manifestations will appear as images reflected in the mirror of my contrasting reflection. As light-darkness, cold-hot, beautiful-ugly, male-female, which are beautifully represented in the archetypal symbol of Tai Chi. Where, in a circle, divided into two halves by a sinusoidal line representing time, the opposites reflected in their mirror image are depicted. The unending continuity of both opposing natures is reflected in each other, where darkness and Light are just continuing tonalities of each opposite.

After the recognition of what was separated initially from us by the centrifugal Yang force of the Big Bang, attachment arises from the desire to recover it again. The centripetal force yin is the one that drives the need to gather the separated parts of our Universe.

This new perpetual state of unbalanced equilibrium is what will give rise to the complex manifestation of the consciousness of our life in continuous cycles of creation and dissolution in temporal dimensional realities.

These realities are what later in our mental continuum, we will recognize as dimensions of time.

This New Self is Born of Attachment or Desire to Be What it had Been Before.

The desire to recover the qualities of our separated opposites again stems from the discomfort (attachment) we feel when we lose them, which drives us to regain them back. But the time we have already spent apart from these has given us a new experience and memory of our separated awareness. Which has made us feel different than we were, and that we will never be the same again. Rejoining with our opposite will then create a different experience than the original one, which will be similar to the birth of a new child who will have the qualities of both parents, but will not be identical to either one.

This will be the beginning of unceasing separations and re-groupings during our universal experience that will give rise to the complex manifestations of our current life. It is this experience that will be recorded in the history of our biological DNA. This will be the central part of our discussion later in my book, Spirituality 201: Healing the Cancer in our Genes.

The awareness of the memory of the separated dualities after the “Big Bang,” motivates the re-connection with the source that finally will promote the discovery of the Mental Continuum of Time and the Origins of the Transcendental and Relative Minds. (see glossary)

Time Travel is Facilitated by Raising the Vibrational Awareness of our Minds and Awakening from our Inter-dimensional Dreams within Dreams.

To understand how we can perform time travel using our minds. We must remember how we created our apparent separated dimensional realities as we discovered in dreams our slower vibrational states of consciousness residing within the subconscious parts of our awareness.

The Origin of our Inter-dimensional Multiverses

Sadly, most of our siblings who share this planet, have not awakened from their exclusive and lonely dream and exist without being alive, in a one-dimensional zombie-like mental state. For them, it is that I wrote this essay.

Tree Trunk

To better understand this complex topic, you should review my article, The Origins of the Multidimensional Universes. This concept is represented in the image, where we see in the transverse cut of a tree trunk, as the rings expand from its center (seed) as the tree grows. Similarly, the universe expands in continuity in an unceasing spiral movement of Love. That manifests in expanding dreams of discovery Yang and contracting awakenings of learning Yin.

The spiral also represents the division of the experience of consciousness in time levels that give rise to the actual relative dimensions. Where the awakening of the primordial mind after the Big Bang begins the process of creating and remembering, respectively, virtual realms in dreaming and awakening cycles that I described in this sentence quoted from my Spirituality 201 book. That’s why dreaming is a journey departing (of remembering-creating), and awakening is a returning journey (learning), to what we now believe is our current reality. That is why consciousness in the upper dimensions creates ( in dreams) the lower existences, and the lower ones remember (discover) the higher ones.

The process of discovering by dreaming in the descending journey is the one that creates our illusory virtual dimensions. Since as consciousness descends, it loses the ability to remember the virtual dream of the upper realms with clarity by forgetting the dimensional code (map) for the return trip. That would then seem to be only a foggy memory in our consciousness. This confusing experience disconnects us from the higher dimensions as we descend without awareness into our three lowest dimensions. This severe disconnection awakens us to the human experience of the cycle of birth, aging, disease, and dying that rules our material and biological life.

It is in these lower dimensions that consciousness ripens the ability to learn with the lessons of love created by the law of cause and effect. When the wisdom (lucidness) acquired from our mistakes helps us to remember the codes (maps) for the interdimensional passageways, facilitating the return to our place of origin.

How can we Learn to Discover the Codes in our DNA to Use the Mind as a Time Machine to Become Inter-dimensional Travelers?

The type of intention facilitates escaping from the cycle of the law of cause and effect when the inclusive based action creates beneficial results for both the traveler that uses it and others who share its journey. In contrast, the exclusive intention produces pleasant results only for the one who excludes but unpleasant ones for the excluded participants. Therefore, inclusive actions facilitate our multidimensional experience and the associated learning or discovering experiences that help us find lessons of love in our difficulties. That will allow us to identify the hidden DNA keys that open the inter-dimensional passageways that facilitate our return to our Garden of Eden.

Exclusive Intention Vs. Inclusive Intention



Independent, separative

Temporary, three-dimensional,

Is Born and dies in the dimension of space and time, (There is the fear of disappearing and dying)

Perceives suffering as unfair punishment and does not tolerate or accept failure



Interdependent, holographic (effect three musketeers)

Timeless, multidimensional, It’s eternal

Death is just a transition from matter to energy (there is no fear of dying)

Perceives suffering as lessons of love and understands mistakes as opportunities to correct and learn from them

Big Bang — the awareness of self-conscious love (Yin) that expands and is released by the Big Bang of Love (Yang) by its need to share the knowledge accumulated in the previous “multiverse.”

Our universe, in its suppressed state, is an immense dream-like state that wishes to awaken and share the experience of knowledge accumulated by the love lessons of previous multiverses.

This awakening is the Big Bang (Yang), where all the experience discovered (Yin) from the previous multiverse, manifests itself wholly and instantaneously. It is then that the advent of duality and consciousness gives way to the process of collective discovery of the mind, with the subsequent emergence of time and the memory or continuity (the mental continuum) that I discussed in the second chapter.

The Relativity of Time in All Dimensions (Timelessness) The Unceasing Interconnection of Past, Present, and Future.

The key to understanding timelessness lies in the theory that “Everything is Mind” of Buddhism, where our minds are like inter-dimensional “spaceships” that can travel across all dimensional levels simultaneously, depending on our state of vibrational consciousness or awareness. Perhaps we must realize that time travel is an inner journey within our minds and not an outer journey of what we discovered within!

As a multidimensional mind, we are always discovering-creating relative virtual universes, where we can share experiences with those who have a similar vibrational awareness. These imaginary universes are characterized by their incessantly changing cycles of Yin and Yang energies. Where the journey in the lower dimensional realms seemingly is occurring in slower timelines, that locates them in the relative holographic past of our simulated present and future.

The higher dimensional realities exist in faster vibrational states and therefore occur relatively in quicker stages, where our past, present, and future merge simultaneously in our time frame of consciousness as we travel. We can compare it to a clock, where the hands of the hours (the past), minutes (the present), and seconds (the future) go around measuring simultaneous relative times while moving within the clock. Therefore we must understand that there is only one time: timelessness.

Depending on the traveler’s vibrational awareness(our location in the hours, minutes, or seconds hands), the timelessness of our perception will be divided into past, present, and future portions. We must remember that the sphere of consciousness of the higher vibrational holograms includes that of, the lower regions when they are traveling on their way back. These time travelers are the ones who have developed their capability to dream lucidly and help others understand their individual dream-like experiences.

If we visualize the consciousness of the universal hologram as a mind, we could say that the dimensional state of the relative time of the present of this mind, will share unconsciously with the slowest dimensional states numerous unperceived mental states. That could then have indirect effects on their dimensional experience. Much like our repressed emotions, like guilt, have an impact on our minds in our three-dimensional material journey, as I described my third book, Spirituality 103, The Forgiveness Code.

As a preamble to this discussion, I include two quotations from my second chapter of Spirituality 201, Healing the Cancer in our Genes, that may support the meaning of the message to develop intuition.

“Learning to fashion universes guided by the creative awareness of love with inclusiveness is the primary purpose of the Great Dreamer who molded us in his image and likeness in his virtual dream and taught us to dream lucidly.

“The End of the Journey, The Mastery: Traveling with Unlimited Lucidity Throughout All The Inter-dimensional Dream”

Awareness of our Duality Starts the Learning Process (The Beginning of Classes in the Universal School of Life)

The Big Bang is the creative force that erupts in love with the need to share the knowledge accumulated in previous multiverses. This initial explosion creates the multiverses in the Yin matrix, but it is not until the awareness of our duality arises, that begins the final learning phase. This happens with the ultimate discovery and exploration of all the dimensional planes of the universe that were potentially manifested after the Big Bang.

Initially, we live in a state of oblivion, similar to that of Adam in the Garden of Eden, until the slower universes began to be discovered by our conscious virtual experiences in our dreams. This happens after the first travelers bring us back their initial exploratory reports of our lower and lagging dimensional planes. It is then that begins the process of discovery by remembering the initial co-creative experience of the Big Bang, by awakening us from our Great Universal Lucid Dream. This allows our awareness of all the previously hidden subconscious (slower) planes that had been there since the Big Bang.

Deciphering the Secret Code of Love in Our Spiritual DNA (Finding Light in Our Shadows)

After the most advanced explorers visit all the multiverses and learn by the method of trial and error, they obtain the hidden keys to open the interdimensional communications or worm-holes of their holographic spiritual DNA. This allows them to develop the ability to travel unimpeded in time instantly through virtual multiverses and thus become the Great Shining Dreamers and Guardians of the process, ensuring that other travelers finish their way back.

The Effect of Intention on Inter-Dimensional Travel

It is the state of vibrational unconsciousness of travelers (lack of lucid awareness) that produces inter-dimensional barriers arising from their rigid emotional attachment to specific parts of the dual experience. Such as beginning/end, good/bad, right/wrong, light/dark, fast/slow, or female/male, thus slowing down, time, that creates the illusion of the past, present, and future. The law of cause and effect that governs the navigational capacity of the mind through all dimensions is guided by intentional awareness, which always rules according to the inclusiveness of love. That can open the Inter-dimensional passageways or by the exclusiveness of selfishness that closes them. (see the previous table)

The Lessons of Love (Suffering) that Awaken the Love links that Bind our Hologram.

The indissoluble matrix of love is strengthened in our learning situations by the method of trial and error, which initially can be misinterpreted as suffering by the emotional distortions of the ego. That eventually will become lessons of love by the empathy and compassion that arise from the inclusive experience of sharing our holographic learning experience.

The Recording of our Holographic Experience Occurs in the Yin-Yang Threads Interwoven in the Hidden Codes of our DNA.

The Possible Origin of Our Futures and Timeless Vision.

Intuition, Free Will and Awareness Transform Our Mind into an Interdimensional Time Traveling Machine

The history of our timeless journey is first archived in the density of the low and slower (past) vibrational dimensions of the material space or Yin matrix. These time-lines under our free will and by the method of trial and error that are influenced by the laws of probability and time and the law of natural selection help our consciousness record the most efficient and inclusive holographic experiences in that matrix.

These experiences are then recorded in the antimatter universe (Yang Matrix), where fresh understandings by options of trial and error, are created by our free will. That will reduce the choices and opportunities as we ascend in our vibrational dimensional consciousness towards our futures. This process of decreasing our options to choose from is what we call intuition (see glossary), which we acquire by testing infinite numbers of experiences in the slower vibrations of the lower dimensions of our past. This suggests that the events that occur in the past of our slower dimensions create our future perspectives. Which depending on the inclusiveness or exclusiveness of the intention, it will result in heavens or hells.

Living with an Inter-dimensional Consciousness

The inability to perceive the universe as multidimensional is explained by the limited perspective of the information provided by the 5 five senses to our brain. We know from recent scientific studies that the brain can perceive multiple dimensions. This suggests that our consciousness or mind should have additional potential senses to recognize these hidden dimensions as described by the theory of superstrings (see glossary).

This would be consistent with a holographic vision that would include the imaginary division of the universe into the material and antimaterial components depending on the limited perception of the mind-brain with its five senses and the anti-material mind-brain with its extra sensorial capabilities. The perceptual errors of our material universe and the apparent perceptive ignorance of its microscopic and subatomic components reinforce the principle of uncertainty of our three-dimensional knowledge.

This suggests that the hologram is living simultaneous temporal experiences of the three times, where the upper dimensions are in the future of the lower and lower ones are in the past of the higher ones. Yet, only those travelers who have finished their descending and ascending journeys, and have stored all their lucid experiences in their spiritual genomes, can travel voluntarily and unimpeded in all directions of the hologram.

These are the Great Time Travelers who have visited all the dimensional descending and ascending levels in their dreams and remembered (learned) after awakening, that they are all virtual and relative. And that, with the mindful wisdom obtained, have transformed their minds into a time machine, to freely navigate all dimensional planes without restriction to support others in their awakening.

The End of the Journey Occurs When the Last Time-Traveler Returns to the Source. The Multiverse Then Rests in its Great Dream State of Lucid Consciousness (Yin), Where it Will be Engendering its New Universe for the Next Explosive Awakening.

All experiences of free will have been tested at the end of this multiverse, and all possibilities are attempted by trial and error, to find the most inclusive results for the inter-reliant needs of the multiverse. At this moment, the multiverse then rests in its Great Lucid Dream-state, where the infinite opportunities of the new multiverse are harvested within the apparent illusory calmness and emptiness of the original multiverse.

Summary and Conclusions

  1. The beginning of the downward journey begins with the awakening of the awareness of duality.
  2. The inclusive intention (that of the 3 musketeers) then facilitates the opening of the inter-dimensional gates and the return voyage to our origin.
  3. There is only one state of time: timelessness.
  4. The relativity of time in the upper dimensions is faster than in the lower ones.
  5. The past of the higher dimensions is the present of the lower levels, and their present is our future.
  6. This gives rise to the full state of intuition that the upper dimensions experience.
  7. The Clarity of our mind can transform it into an interdimensional time travel machine.
  8. The record of what you learned throughout the trip is archived in the memory of the Spiritual DNA or Universal Genome.
  9. In the end, the holographic universe returns to its Great Lucid Dream-State.



Ivan Figueroa

Retired Pediatric Surgeon doing integrative medical care, acupuncture. Author of best selling Spirituality Trilogy of School of Life Series