Ivan Figueroa
2 min readFeb 14, 2020


The Epigenetic Magical Alchemy in Our DNA (selection from my unpublished book, «Healing the Cancer in Our Genes»

Ivan Figueroa Otero MD

The Spiritual Alchemy of Our Universe Occurs in Our Mind,

As in a flask that is invigorated with fire and the intention of Love.

Thus, creating the Magical transmutation of the Imaginary to the real, and from darkness to light;

Such as the dazzling brilliance of the diamond is discovered,

Inside the darkness of a lump of coal.

This spectacular co-creative process fashioned in the crucible of the mind,

Would seem like a magical illusion before the innocent eyes of the offspring of our consciousness,

If we don’t understand the real creative effort, of remembering the wisdom stored in our Universal Genome,

As the illusionist does in his handbook of the techniques learned.

This compilation of his experience of failures and successes is like the codes recorded in our DNA by our individual life choices,

That the mind, in its innocence, could interpret as inculpatory diverging mutations in its embryonic consciousness.

And later, may fail to understand the lessons of Love, and cause and effect, hidden behind the warnings the biological organism is activating, which present as symptoms and diseases,

That are not, more than ways of discarding the toxicity of these through the material matrix of the organism.

Cancer is nothing more than a harmful adaptive mutation archived by the mistakes of our ancestors in their ignorance of the law of love or cause and effect.

The real Magic Alchemy then materializes, when at the end of completing what you learned on the journey,

The Mind transmutes guilt or causes to co-responsibility and Karma or suffering to Dharma or Love Lesson.

And finally, we can then say that our DNA has regained its magical splendor,

To return to its origin with all the accumulated wisdom on this new journey of Love.



Ivan Figueroa

Retired Pediatric Surgeon doing integrative medical care, acupuncture. Author of best selling Spirituality Trilogy of School of Life Series http://bit.ly/2xVifL