Ivan Figueroa
1 min readFeb 17, 2020

On Understanding Emptiness: Ramblings from the Awakening Mind of a Grateful Student

Understanding the inclusive vastness of emptiness, is like awakening from the apparent fullness of the illusion of exclusive existence, in the dream like state of inherent individual awareness.

For, the continuum of time we have created by the attachment to the spontaneous self-arising and self-resolving glimpses of emptiness, is like the freezing of pure water into a glacier, that no matter how vast it spreads, it will eventually return to the emptiness of its original state.

To really arise from the transitory glimpses that awaken the unchanging nature of our minds, we must look beyond the grasping glance of seeing, and learn to view the vast spontaneous potential of emptiness, with the pure naked awareness of our minds.

This is the true state of meditation, that from their liberated state of unattachment, the great Teachers of the Great Perfection transmitted the nature of the mind to all students that were ready to view.

With, which the students could then learn to observe all the unceasing manifestations of emptiness, as potential magical displays of our minds.

How joyful has been to find this hidden treasure in the reflections of my Lama’s eyes.

Padma Jinpa (Iván Figueroa)

Ivan Figueroa

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