The Holographic Origin of Disease

Ivan Figueroa
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Abstract: Short essay where I propose a holographic vision of disease, which places the human organism within the universal hologram, describing how the imbalances that occurs in the mayor hologram affects the minor one, and vice versa. Diseases are harmonizing mechanisms (alarms) guided by the intention to maintain health, or total equilibrium. Here, I describe in detail the timeline relationship of the imbalances and how their time-space relationship affects their resolution. I explain the importance of our genetic codes and their historical archives in the development of diseases and their cure by way of epigenetic effects. I teach what epigenetics, the details of the holographic detox process, and the possible genetic origins of cancer are.


For the first time, there is an etymological model of disease integrated to the universal holographic model. This model describes the sequence of disharmonies within the context of time, biology, mind, emotions, and spirituality, where every action that affects the organism cause repercussions throughout the whole hologram.

Definition of Hologram — A hologram is a tridimensional projection created from a flat image using the coherence of laser light. The projection’s main characteristic is that it can be reproduced in its totality from any part of the hologram, regardless of the original size.

Holo (sun) — means whole or complete

Gram — to record, write, or describe (the whole manifested by its parts)

Dr. Bhom, a theoretical physicist, proposed a holographic theory about the relationship between mind and matter, where the universal creation could be explained by the coherent relation of its parts within the holographic nature of the universe.

The observation of the coherence or interdependence between the parts of a hologram would seem to suggest that all its components are intertwined in some non-physical connection. Later, the theoretical physical law of quantum entanglement proved that connection to be true.

Quantum entanglement — It is a visible phenomenon in the relationship between individual particles interacting in a quantum state, where the particles respond as a group as if they had physical or energetic continuity. The single particle’s responses appear to be immediate (timeless). They seem to be interconnected regardless of distance, size, or time between the parts of the hologram. The main characteristics of this model are:

Coherence — It reacts like a unit without divisions

Timelessness — The communication between the components is instantaneous

The whole can be reproduced from any of its parts

The Historical Archives of the Holographic Experience (Memory)

The infinite possibilities of the universal quantum designs are stored in the hologram as related experiences within our timeless reality. The memories of this experiences come from the infinite probabilities that divide them into partial segments of relative time, like a video recording. It is like when we observe a continuous action in a movie, and when we pause the film, the action seems to be divided into infinite segments.

Fundamentals of the Holographic Theory of Disease

• Disease is comprehensive, coherent, and unites its causes and effects with the treatment (correction).

• There is a specific therapy (correction) for each step of the process.

• Disease, or disharmony, has a timeline process to mature and a proportional one for resolution.

• The healing crisis results from memorization of the order of the process of disease, that will happen in reverse order during its resolution.

• The memory (learning experience) of the disease’s event could prevent the repetition of the imbalance.

What is Holographic Health?

The universal hologram focuses on the wellness of the whole before that of the individual parts, yet, paradoxically allowing inharmonious regional processes that bring equilibrium to the whole. These inharmonious processes are the symptoms that cause so much discomfort. The primordial purpose of the symptoms is to alert the hologram to look for the correction for the disharmony’s primary cause. The healing effect focuses more on a progressive sequence of imbalances that affect predominantly the total inter-dependency of the hologram, rather than on the ones that have less of an impact overall.

Focus of priority goes from Above Down

Spiritual>Mental-Emotional>Physical-Biological: these holographic experiences, good or bad, get archived as mutations in the files of our material or biological DNA and our anti-material or spiritual DNA. The good experiences will facilitate the universe’s evolutionary natural selection process, and the bad will slow it down.

Bad experiences pass the corrupt programming to new generations within the holographic genome. The spiritual hologram’s final purpose is to accumulate mostly good experiences and to eliminate or inactivate the bad ones in its archives. The unbalancing experiences originate from the material universe where the most toxic programs or mutations come from. Poor coherence created because of the mental divisions that exist in the material holographic universe cause these harmful mutations.

The holograms in the material universe need energy sources to maintain their integrity. The biological hologram’s division in mind-body formats allows it to choose the quality and purity of its energy source, using emotions and free will. The quality of the energy source determines its harmonizing or toxic effects on the organism and DNA.

Origin of Disease

Activating the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The presence of symptoms and illness in our holograms depends on the corrupt programs or mutations in our biological DNA. This activation occurs because of toxic mental or dietary experiences. Mutations get activated by a wide variety of toxic nutritional raw materials that arise from poor quality alimentary habits.

The severity of the disharmony or disease depends on the severity of the mutation, its duration within the genome, and the hologram’s emotional reaction to the symptoms. The oldest mutations will take longer to inactivate.

The key to our holographic well-being is in the cleansing of our genomes by detoxifying our organism and activating our good mutations, by supplying them with the purest materials. If we continue the detox process, we can purify ourselves until we reach the optimum holographic state for our biological DNA. Then only the best mutations can go on to the next generation.

Holographic Diseases: Hereditary versus Acquired

Hereditary conditions are not only transmitted by modern biological inheritance laws, but also by common tendencies to more traditional diseases like asthma, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, bipolarity, depression, and cancer. The reach of these conditions within the members of a family depends on the epigenetic effects of their individual good or bad lifestyles.

Acquired Diseases: The Emotional Connection

Acquired diseases usually happen because of a combined effect of dietary and emotional toxicity, but in my experience, the emotional component is the most influential. The most potent emotional toxin to accelerate the process is guilt, repressed in the most profound areas of the subconscious. There, the experience is locked in a repetitive cycle with the historical person who lived it (as per my book, The key to Forgiveness.)

The embarrassment and suffering associated with the memory of the event push us to suppress the event and the person who lived it. That person feels abandoned by themselves in his or her present state. The locked-up (repressed) part then retaliates against the part that locked it up with a call for liberation through the autonomic nervous system, with symptoms like panic attacks, nightmares, guilt, depression, endocrine disorders, digestive disorders, and pain.

In my acupuncture practice we help the patients localize the repressed events within its past timeline, and using the Key to Forgiveness, we help them free the locked-up part and bring it to its present awareness. After we help them reprogram their toxic lifestyles, most symptoms disappear, and they have a renewed vision full of hope in their lives.

The symptoms addressed above are alterations to our DNA that are easier to revert and to avoid passing them on to future generations. Like other authors, I think that toxic emotions are one of the primordial factors in the activation of pre-cancerous programs in our genomes.

Healing is Timeless

For those holograms that start a detox process, the DNA’s transforming cycle is directly proportional to the time it has been in the human genome. The older it is, the longer the transformation and deactivation will take. Healing will always occur first in the DNA before manifesting in the biological hologram. Therefore, this is essential to improve our health for future generations. A therapeutic detox action is never wasted since it will balance the whole universal hologram in time thanks to interdependent coherence.

The Harmonious Rhythm of our Biological and Spiritual DNA

The Biological DNA reflects our spiritual DNA, where the purity of the spiritual hologram’s codes must be manifested in the time-space holographic reality of the biological one. The universal hologram completes its cycle when the biological hologram becomes spiritual, and the spiritual one becomes more human. The quote “As is above so is below, and as is below so is above” reflects the last stage of the material evolutionary process and spiritual ascension, where the human holograms learn to live with wisdom, with their feet on the ground while their eyes are gazing up to the heavens.

Scientific Foundations of Epigenetics

Epigenetics — A branch of biology that tries to explain why living organisms activate some genes and silence others, conforming their physical characteristics and the susceptibility to develop certain diseases. This is in contrast with the deterministic concept of genetic predisposition. Epigenetics suggests that external factors like lifestyles could potentially influence changes in the DNA’s actions without altering its genetic configuration. These changes could be controlled by the junk DNA, which I will call the “luminous” DNA.

The Hidden Mysteries in our DNA

Science’s believe in dividing the universe between matter (5%), and anti-matter (95%) resonates with the proportions of the codifying DNA biological contents (5%) and the non-codifying or junk DNA (95%). Recent studies say that the junk portion has modulating effects in the codifying function of DNA. It seems like the non-codifying or luminous DNA has all the pure original codes of the spiritual hologram, ready to activate by the learning experiences of the Key to Forgiveness and the holographic bioethics styles called Epigenetics.

Intention, the Most Powerful Instrument to Activate the Code Based on the Law of Cause and Effect (The Law of Love)

Inclusive Intention: Directed to balance (include) the whole hologram. It activates the luminous DNA codes.

Exclusive Intention: Based on the selective (exclusive) regional effects of parts of the hologram. Its final result is toxic since it only benefits some parts while hurting others.


  1. The universal hologram always behaves like an individual, interconnected, functional unit.
  2. The hologram reacts coherently and interdependently to all the actions of its parts, always trying to reach balance without consideration for the effects on its components.
  3. Individual biologic holograms react the same way within their parts.
  4. Relative time in each part of the hologram appears to decelerate as energy gets denser in each level.
  5. Balancing processes takes more time to ocurr in the biological-material levels of the hologram.
  6. These relative differences in time and energy divide the hologram in multiple dimensional experiences.
  7. The higher dimensions (with faster relative time) and the lower ones (with slower relative time) of the hologram are not conscious of each other.
  8. During the exploratory process, the holograms in the higher dimensions visit those in the lower ones.
  9. These visits bring the development of a more coherent and inclusive conscience of the hologram and its parts, reaching an equilibrium we know as love, compassion, and patience.
  10. Every hologram needs to experiment all descending dimensional levels to obtain the total holographic conscience or the solidary coherence of the actual universal hologram.
  11. The individual holograms that finished their journey, on their way back, help those who are descending and the ones ascending behind them, sharing what they learned. This is the Universal School of Life.
  12. The process of bringing new information to the higher levels ensures the evolutionary progress of the entire hologram.

The end of the evolutionary process reminds us of the image of the serpent that bites its tail, forming an infinite circle between the head, or beginning (alpha) and the tail or end (omega) which the DNA’s spiral shape also reflects.


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